The Best Kitchen Faucets for Home Owners on a Budget

At first glance, the kitchen faucet might not seem like anything to get excited about.  Truly, though, a whole lot happens at the kitchen sink.  It’s where our pots get filled and our dishes get cleaned.  It’s where we scrub our fresh veggies.  It’s where we wash our hands before and after preparing or eating food, or working in the yard, or cleaning house.  In reality, that kitchen faucet sees a lot of action.  Older faucets can be leaky, scratched, stained, or just outdated looking.  Replacing your current faucet with a newer model can improve water efficiency and spruce up the look of a tired kitchen.  You can even opt for touch-free models that make it easier to clean your hands without having to clean the faucet afterwards.


When it comes to choosing a new faucet, there is a seemingly endless number of styles, options, and finishes from which to choose.  Those styles and options come with a price range that goes from easily affordable to very high end.  Before beginning your search in earnest, you should decide which qualities mean the most to you.  Is there one particular finish that you absolutely love (or hate) or that is a great match for the rest of your kitchen?  Is hard water enough of a concern that you need to consider the effects of your water on the new faucet’s finish?  Do you have a sink deep enough to easily handle tall jobs, or do you need to make sure that a new faucet has a long neck that essentially gives your sink extra depth?  If you live in an area where water conservation, even rationing, is a major concern, you’ll need to make sure you go with a more water-efficient model.  If you’re only planning to replace the faucet and not the whole kitchen sink, you also need to make sure your new faucet requires the same number of holes as your existing one.  In other words, will the new one fit into the necessary space?

Once you’ve determined your minimum requirements and preferences, it’s important to establish your budget.  As with most home-improvement endeavors, no matter how minor, overspending can be a real temptation, and as mentioned above, prices can get pretty high.

Once upon a time, upgrading faucets meant spending a bundle or settling for cheap-looking products.  These days, though, there are increasingly more models available that look and function like higher-end versions without the higher-end price tag.  Whether your budget is well under $100 or well above $300, you should be able to find a faucet worthy of being in the most popular spot in the kitchen.  Below, you will find links to reviews and comparisons of some of the top-rated kitchen faucet models.  Taking the time to understand your options before you go shopping can help make the process a bit less daunting and help you stay excited about this mini makeover for your kitchen.

These kitchen faucet reviews compare 6 top models, including the pros and cons of each.  If you’re looking for a touchless model, compares the pros and cons of some of those top contenders.

If you’re also considering upgrading the bathroom faucet, this is a great resource  to help you start your quest.

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